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Pack Your Bags and Let’s Go: Miami’s Top 11 Travel Agents

Miami is a vibrant city that attracts millions of tourists every year. With its beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, and diverse culture, Miami is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world.

However, planning a trip to Miami can be overwhelming, especially for first-time visitors. This is where travel agents come in.

Travel agents can help you plan your trip, book your flights and accommodations, and even suggest activities and attractions to visit.

With their expertise and knowledge of the travel industry, they can help you save time and money while ensuring that you have a memorable trip.

In this blog post, we will be reviewing the best travel agents in Miami. Whether you are looking for a luxury vacation or a budget-friendly trip, these travel agents can help you plan the perfect itinerary.

We have researched and selected the top travel agents based on their experience, reputation, and customer reviews. So, sit back and relax as we take you through the best travel agents in Miami.

1. Cuba Candela

Cuba Candela
66 W Flagler St Suite 900, Miami, FL 33130 (Google Maps)

Cuba Candela is a travel agency and tour operator that offers authentic and meaningful experiences in Cuba.

With clear communication and outstanding execution, they provide stress-free trips that allow travelers to focus on the experience itself.

Their people-to-people interactions in Cuba help change perspectives, and their guides are patient, qualified, and become friends for life.

If you're looking for a non-touristy experience in Cuba, Cuba Candela is the travel agent to call. They'll give you lasting memories of a remarkable trip.

2. All Travel USA

All Travel Usa
2364 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135 (Google Maps)

All Travel USA is a travel agency that offers great customer service. The agent is highly recommended for anyone in need of travel assistance.

With a wide range of travel options available, All Travel USA ensures that their clients are well taken care of.

They are professional and knowledgeable, making the travel planning process seamless.

All Travel USA is a great choice for anyone seeking a stress-free travel experience.

3. Cafe Travel Miami

Cafe Travel Miami
2742 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135 (Google Maps)

Cafe Travel Miami is a travel agency with exceptional customer service. Their team greets clients with positive energy and provides a professional experience.

The company even assigns a team member to accompany clients on group trips.

They go the extra mile to secure flights and VIP treatment. Cafe Travel Miami is highly recommended for anyone looking for a reliable travel agency.

Special thanks to Leo and his team for their amazing service.

4. Travel Mex

Travel Mex
10536 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33174 (Google Maps)

Travel Mex is a top-notch travel agency that offers a wide range of services to its clients. From airport transfers to hotel bookings, they have got you covered.

Their well-coordinated tours and professional tour guides make for an unforgettable travel experience.

They are a reliable and competent tour operator that ensures their clients have a hassle-free trip.

If you're planning a trip, Travel Mex should definitely be on your list of travel agencies to consider.

5. WGY Travel

Wgy Travel
78 SW 7th St, Miami, FL 33130 (Google Maps)

WGY Travel is a professional travel agency that offers exceptional services. They specialize in airline ticket booking, event planning, and travel agency services.

One satisfied customer had a great experience booking a Euro trip with them.

Justin provided top-notch service, securing great prices on flights and room upgrades, as well as making dinner reservations.

WGY Travel is a reliable and knowledgeable travel agency that offers excellent value to their clients.

6. Adventuresque Travel Boutique

Adventuresque Travel Boutique
1745 N Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33132 (Google Maps)

Adventuresque Travel Boutique is a highly professional travel agency that provides excellent customer service.

The agency's owner, Natalia, is dedicated to ensuring that her clients have a stress-free vacation without worrying about minor details.

She is always on top of confirming shuttle transfers and looks for possible upgrades to make her clients' experience more enjoyable.

Additionally, Natalia is very thoughtful and will go above and beyond to make her clients' trip special. If you're looking for a reliable travel agency, Adventuresque Travel Boutique is definitely worth considering.

7. Gallo Travel Agency

Gallo Travel Agency
7214 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33144 (Google Maps)

Gallo Travel Agency is a reliable and affordable travel agent that offers a variety of tour packages. They specialize in cruise and SCUBA tours, as well as tourist attractions and general travel arrangements.

The trips they offer are well-planned and enjoyable, with all the amenities and tours as described during the sales pitch.

Customers have reported having a joyful experience with this travel agent and are already planning their next adventure with Gallo Travel Agency.

If you're looking for a hassle-free and affordable travel experience, Gallo Travel Agency is a great option to consider.

8. Odyssean Travel

Odyssean Travel
111 NE 1st St 8th Floor, Suite 425, Miami, FL 33132 (Google Maps)

Odyssean Travel is a travel agency that offers excellent customer service. They are prompt in answering all questions and meeting the clients' needs.

Clients can expect hassle-free booking and a vacation that is tailored to their preferences.

The agency is passionate about what they do and goes above and beyond to ensure that clients have the vacation they've always dreamed of.

Odyssean Travel is highly recommended for those who want a stress-free and memorable travel experience.

9. Luxury Travel Curators LLC

Luxury Travel Curators Llc
3301 NE 1st Ave H805, Miami, FL 33137 (Google Maps)

Luxury Travel Curators LLC is a travel agency that provides exceptional service to its clients. Carlos, the travel agent, is highly professional and always puts his clients first.

He has a great understanding of the industry and provides realistic expectations. Carlos is an excellent resource for initiating travel plans and contract negotiations.

He is attentive to his clients' needs and offers a variety of travel services, including event planning, wedding planning, tour operating, and cruise agency services. Carlos's attention to detail and planning skills make the logistics of travel feel seamless and stress-free.

His clients rave about the magical experiences he creates for them, making incredible memories that last a lifetime. If you are looking for a reliable and professional travel agent, Luxury Travel Curators LLC is an excellent choice.

10. Across the Globe Travel

Across The Globe Travel
901 NW 32nd St, Miami, FL 33127 (Google Maps)

Across the Globe Travel is a top-notch travel agency that offers exceptional service to its clients.

Jennifer, one of their agents, was friendly and efficient, making the booking process a breeze.

She provided detailed information about the trip and explained everything clearly.

If you're looking for a reliable travel agency, Across the Globe Travel is highly recommended.

11. Bru Med Travel Inc

Bru Med Travel Inc
6557 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33155 (Google Maps)

Bru Med Travel Inc is a highly recommended travel agency that offers personalized services to travelers. They offer a variety of services ranging from car rental, cruises, sightseeing tours, and tour packages.

Their team of professionals takes care of every detail to ensure that their clients have an unforgettable experience.

The agency's tour guides are knowledgeable and well-read on the history of the areas they visit, making the tours informative and engaging.

Bru Med Travel Inc is a reliable travel agency that provides exceptional services to its clients.