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Glowing Reviews: Top 6 Tanning Salons in Washington State!

Washington is a state known for its beautiful landscapes and climates. However, the weather can be unpredictable, and sometimes the sun is hard to come by.

That's why tanning salons are a popular choice for those who want a healthy glow all year round.

With so many tanning salons to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. That's why we've taken the time to review the best tanning salons in Washington.

Whether you're looking for a natural-looking tan or a deep, dark bronze, these salons have got you covered.

Our reviews are based on various factors, including the quality of the tanning beds, the cleanliness of the salon, and the friendliness of the staff.

We've also looked at the pricing and packages available, so you can find a salon that fits your budget.

So, if you're looking for a great tanning salon in Washington, look no further.

Our reviews will help you find the perfect salon to achieve the tan of your dreams.

1. La Veronique Georgetown Beauty Salon

La Veronique Georgetown Beauty Salon
1208 31st St NW, Washington, DC 20007 (Google Maps)

La Veronique Georgetown Beauty Salon offers a variety of beauty services, including tanning, eyelash, hair, nail, and skin care treatments.

Customers have reported great results and excellent communication during their consultations.

The salon is highly recommended for those who want to achieve a beautiful, sun-kissed glow.

2. Capital Tan

Capital Tan
3301 New Mexico Ave NW Suite 106, Washington, DC 20016 (Google Maps)

Capital Tan is a top-notch tanning salon that offers full-body tanning services.

Their staff is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable, especially Liz, who provides exceptional service.

The salon is clean, and customers love the results of their tanning treatments.

If you're looking for a great tanning experience, Capital Tan is the place to be.

3. Body Bronze

Body Bronze
625 D St NW, Washington, DC 20004 (Google Maps)

Body Bronze is a top-notch tanning salon with knowledgeable and friendly staff.

They offer stand-up beds for UV tanning and have multiple spray beds and a red light therapy bed. The salon is always clean and organized, and customers never have to wait.

The owner and manager are highly praised for their exceptional service and for picking sweet staff.

Prices are reasonable, and memberships are available. Body Bronze is highly recommended for anyone looking for a great tanning experience.

4. Tanning by TAN LINE

Tanning By Tan Line
1608 20th St NW, Washington, DC 20009 (Google Maps)

Tanning by TAN LINE is a clean and welcoming tanning salon.

The owner is friendly and accommodating, making customers feel comfortable during their visit.

The salon offers a variety of tanning options, and the equipment is well-maintained. Prices are reasonable and the location is convenient.

For those seeking a quality tanning experience, Tanning by TAN LINE is definitely worth checking out.

5. Spa Logic Hair Salon & Day Spa

Spa Logic Hair Salon & Day Spa
1721 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009 (Google Maps)

Spa Logic Hair Salon & Day Spa is a one-stop-shop for all beauty needs. From tanning to waxing, this salon has it all.

The staff is friendly and professional, ensuring that every customer has a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

The salon is clean and well-maintained, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

With a variety of services to choose from, Spa Logic Hair Salon & Day Spa is the perfect place to pamper oneself and feel refreshed.

6. Palm Beach Tan

Palm Beach Tan
3418 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008 (Google Maps)

Looking for a clean and modern tanning salon with great customer service and a variety of tanning options to choose from?

Look no further than Palm Beach Tan!

Their friendly and enthusiastic staff, including the helpful manager Shaun, will assist you in choosing the perfect tanning plan to fit your needs and time frame.

With a selection of tanning beds and spray tans, you'll leave feeling confident and glowing.

Don't miss out on the best customer service ever!