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“Grits-a-licious! 14 Must-Try Spots for the Best Grits in Dallas”

Grits are a staple of Southern cuisine, and Dallas is no exception. Whether you prefer them savory or sweet, there are plenty of places in this city to satisfy your grits cravings.

From classic diners to upscale restaurants, Dallas has something for everyone when it comes to this beloved breakfast dish.

But with so many options, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go for the best grits in town. That's where this guide comes in.

We've scoured the city to find the top spots for grits, taking into account factors like flavor, texture, and overall experience.

So whether you're a lifelong grits fan or a curious newcomer, you're in the right place.

Get ready to discover some of the best grits Dallas has to offer, and be sure to come hungry!

1. Meddlesome Moth

Meddlesome Moth
1621 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75207 (Google Maps)

Meddlesome Moth is a bustling gastropub with a varied menu and an impressive selection of over 140 craft beers.

The food is interesting and unique, with standout dishes like the shrimp and grits and the Reuben sandwich.

The atmosphere is lively and the outdoor seating area is charming. Service is on point and the wait staff is knowledgeable about the beer selection.

Valet parking is available, but limited self-parking. Highly recommended for a fun night out with friends.

2. Street's Fine Chicken

Street's Fine Chicken
3857 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75219 (Google Maps)

Street's Fine Chicken is a down-to-earth restaurant that specializes in delicious chicken dishes. The restaurant has a fun vibe and friendly service.

The food is reasonably priced and the portions are perfect for lunch. Their shrimp and grits are amazing and the fried chicken is juicy and flavorful.

The collard greens are a must-try and the pimento cheese appetizer is delicious. The customer service is outstanding, and the staff is knowledgeable and attentive.

If you're looking for a casual dining experience with great food, Street's Fine Chicken is definitely worth a visit.

3. Original Market Diner

Original Market Diner
4434 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75219 (Google Maps)

Original Market Diner is a true American diner that has been serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner since 1954.

They offer an extensive menu with something for everyone, including delicious grits. The portions are generous, and the prices are fair.

The staff is friendly and attentive, making for a great dining experience. The diner has a cozy and comfortable feel, perfect for a relaxing meal.

If you're looking for a classic diner experience with great food, Original Market Diner is the place to go.

4. Luckys Cafe

Luckys Cafe
3531 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219 (Google Maps)

Looking for a cozy diner with delicious farm-to-table grits and down-to-earth home-cooked food in a retro setting, then Luckys Cafe is the place for you.

This Mom and Pop restaurant has a friendly staff, fair prices, and great service.

The food is outstanding, and they offer vegan and vegetarian options.

Don't miss out on the heavenly potato soup or the Sleaziest, Cheesiest grilled cheese sandwich. Lucky's Cafe is definitely worth a visit!

5. Crazy Brothers

Crazy Brothers
7812 S Great Trinity Forest Way, Dallas, TX 75217 (Google Maps)

Crazy Brothers is a laid-back restaurant that serves up a variety of comfort food.

This humble eatery is the go-to spot for anyone craving a mix of soul and country breakfast. Their grits are a must-try, and the portions are large, fresh, and made to order.

The menu has a wide range of unique selections, and the friendly and hospitable staff make the dining experience even better.

Crazy Brothers is changing the standard for family-owned black businesses and is definitely worth a visit.

6. Cafe Momentum

Cafe Momentum
1510 Pacific Ave, Dallas, TX 75201 (Google Maps)

Cafe Momentum is a unique restaurant that serves delicious grits. What sets this place apart is its mission to help at-risk youth learn culinary skills through internships.

The food is locally sourced and expertly prepared by the talented chefs.

The atmosphere is minimalistic yet inviting, with a mural of hand-painted plates expressing gratitude. The service is friendly and courteous, making for an enjoyable dining experience.

Cafe Momentum is not just a restaurant, but a place that is making a positive impact on the community.

7. Mama's Daughters' Diner

Mama's Daughters' Diner
2014 Irving Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207 (Google Maps)

Mama's Daughters' Diner is a charming down-home cooking restaurant that serves up some of the best grits in town.

The portions are generous, and the prices are affordable. The staff is friendly and efficient, making for a pleasant dining experience.

The ambiance is cozy, with movie posters and autographed photos of athletes adorning the walls.

Whether you're in the mood for breakfast or lunch, Mama's Daughters' Diner is the perfect spot to satisfy your craving for delicious Southern comfort food.

8. The Oasis Cafe Dallas

The Oasis Cafe Dallas
5945 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206 (Google Maps)

The Oasis Cafe Dallas is a charming little spot that serves up some seriously delicious grits. It's cash only, so come prepared.

The staff is friendly and the service is quick, which is perfect for those on the go. The menu has a good variety of breakfast and lunch options, but the grits are the real stand-out.

They're creamy, perfectly seasoned, and will leave you feeling satisfied.

The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, making it a great spot to grab a bite with friends or family. If you're a fan of grits, this place is definitely worth checking out.

9. Record Grill

Record Grill
605 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75202 (Google Maps)

Record Grill is a no-frills diner that serves up some of the best grits in town.

The menu is simple and straightforward, with classic breakfast options like eggs, bacon, and pancakes. But it's the grits that steal the show here.

Creamy and perfectly cooked, they are the ultimate comfort food. The staff is friendly and efficient, and the prices are very reasonable.

If you're looking for a laid-back spot to start your day with a hearty breakfast, Record Grill is definitely worth a visit.

10. Flying Fish

Flying Fish
6126 Luther Ln, Dallas, TX 75225 (Google Maps)

Flying Fish is a laid-back seafood restaurant with a Cajun twist. They serve delicious grits that go well with their gumbo.

The atmosphere is eclectic and cozy, with a lot of history on the walls. The staff is welcoming and super friendly, making the dining experience fun.

The menu has a large selection of fresh seafood at amazing prices. The food is always hot and fresh, and the platters and presentation will set your tastebuds on fire.

If you're in the mood for seafood with a bayou flavor, Flying Fish is the place to go.

11. The Breakfast Bar

The Breakfast Bar
4507 S Second Ave, Dallas, TX 75210 (Google Maps)

The Breakfast Bar is a hidden gem for breakfast lovers. The grits are a must-try, and the portions are oversized.

The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming.

The Breakfast Bar offers unique dishes that are hard to find elsewhere.

It's a great spot for a delicious, homemade breakfast. Highly recommended!

12. Undecided Cafe

Undecided Cafe
3126 Al Lipscomb Way, Dallas, TX 75215 (Google Maps)

Undecided Cafe is a must-visit place for anyone looking for a great meal.

Their grits are a standout dish, but the menu offers plenty of other delicious options too. The staff is friendly and attentive, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The restaurant is clean and well-maintained, making for a comfortable dining experience.

Whether you're a local or just passing through, Undecided Cafe is definitely worth a stop.

13. Good Graces

Good Graces
3033 Fairmount St, Dallas, TX 75201 (Google Maps)

Good Graces is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking for delicious grits. The menu is varied and the food is fantastic, with every item masterfully prepared.

The staff is professional and friendly, making the dining experience relaxing and comfortable.

The cocktails are handcrafted and beautiful, and the dessert selection is amazing.

The restaurant has a spacious and modern feel, and the atmosphere is perfect for either a friendly or romantic setting. Good Graces is a great addition to any foodie's list of restaurants to try.

14. Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

Snooze, An A.m. Eatery
3211 Oak Lawn Ave Suite A, Dallas, TX 75219 (Google Maps)

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery is a vibrant spot for breakfast and cocktails.

They serve a seasonal menu of creative breakfast and lunch fare, including a delicious shrimp and grits dish.

The staff is friendly and attentive, and the atmosphere is retro and fun.

If you're looking for a unique breakfast experience, Snooze is definitely worth a visit.