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Wrap Your Taste Buds Around Aurora’s Top 6 Shawarma Spots!

Aurora, a city located in the state of Colorado, is a hub for food enthusiasts. From Mexican to Italian, the city offers a diverse range of cuisines that caters to everyone's taste buds.

However, when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine, shawarma is a popular choice among locals and tourists.

Shawarma, a Middle Eastern dish, is a wrap made with marinated meat (usually chicken or beef), vegetables, and sauces, wrapped in a pita bread.

The dish has gained immense popularity worldwide, and Aurora is no exception. With several restaurants and food trucks offering shawarma, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go.

In this blog post, we will explore the best places for shawarma in Aurora. We will take a closer look at the ingredients used, the quality of meat, and the overall taste and experience.

Whether you are a first-time visitor or a local, this guide will help you find the perfect spot to satisfy your shawarma craving. So, let's dive into the world of shawarma in Aurora!

1. Jasmine Syrian Food

Jasmine Syrian Food
10180 E Colfax Ave STE 118, Aurora, CO 80010 (Google Maps)

Jasmine Syrian Food is a must-visit place for shawarma lovers. With a vast menu of authentic Lebanese/Syrian food, the restaurant offers delicious and fresh Mediterranean dishes at reasonable prices.

The friendly staff is always ready to help you choose from their extensive menu.

The shawarma wrap is neatly grilled and bursting with flavor. The knaffa dessert is a must-try and is flaky pastry with a cheese filling.

The restaurant is located inside an African mall and has plenty of seating. Jasmine Syrian Food is perfect for those looking for home-cooked Middle Eastern dishes and a friendly atmosphere.

2. Ali Grill

Ali Grill
1155 S Havana St unit 35, Aurora, CO 80012 (Google Maps)

Ali Grill is a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves some of the best shawarmas in town. The chicken shawarma is juicy and flavorful, and the hummus appetizer is a must-try.

The owners are friendly and attentive, and the place is always clean. The ingredients used in their dishes are fresh and of high quality.

The prices are reasonable compared to other places. The grilled fish is highly recommended. The lamb shank and the whole fried fish are also must-tries.

The staff is professional and accommodating. Ali Grill is a must-go place for anyone who loves Middle Eastern food.

3. Grape Leaves

Grape Leaves
12405 E Mississippi Ave #200, Aurora, CO 80012 (Google Maps)

Grape Leaves is a must-visit for anyone craving delicious shawarma. The staff is incredibly friendly and the service is lightning fast.

The food is simply amazing and you won't be disappointed with anything on the menu. The beef shawarma sandwich is a definite must-try, but don't forget about the burger – it's equally fantastic.

Whether you're looking to sit down for a meal or just grab a quick bite, Grape Leaves is the perfect spot.

The cleanliness of the place is impressive, making for an even more enjoyable experience. Don't miss out on this gem of a restaurant!

4. Ifka Cafe

Ifka Cafe
1535 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80012 (Google Maps)

Ifka Cafe is an East African and Halal restaurant that serves a variety of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods.

Their chicken shawarma is amazing, and their sambusa is a must-try.

The prices are reasonable, and the staff is friendly and prompt.

If you're in the mood for a filling meal, this place is a great option.

5. Edris International Market

Edris International Market
3126 S Parker Rd B, Aurora, CO 80014 (Google Maps)

Edris International Market is a hidden gem for those seeking the best shawarma in town.

The chicken shawarma is a must-try, with a unique marinade that sets it apart from the rest. The handmade breads and authentic yogurt are also worth mentioning.

While the ambiance may not be impressive, the great prices and friendly service make up for it.

Don't miss out on their other menu items, including the lamb and beef kabobs. A perfect spot for a quick and delicious Middle Eastern lunch or dinner.

6. The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys
14535 E Alameda Ave Suite D, Aurora, CO 80012 (Google Maps)

The Halal Guys is a great place for shawarma. The food is consistently delicious, and the service is friendly and fast.

The menu offers a variety of options, including chicken, beef, and vegetarian choices. The white sauce is a must-try, and the hot sauce is actually hot.

The restaurant is clean and well-lit, and there is both indoor and outdoor seating available. Prices are reasonable, making it a great option for a quick and tasty meal.

If you're in the mood for Mediterranean food, The Halal Guys is definitely worth checking out.