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Oakland’s Delicious Delights: Top 5 Filipino Restaurants

Oakland is a city that's known for its vibrant food scene, and Filipino cuisine is a big part of that.

From traditional dishes like adobo and sinigang to innovative fusion creations, the Filipino restaurants in Oakland offer a diverse range of flavors and culinary experiences.

Whether you're a longtime fan of Filipino cuisine or just discovering it for the first time, Oakland's Filipino restaurants have something for everyone.

Many of these restaurants are family-owned and operated, which adds to the authentic and friendly atmosphere.

One of the best things about Filipino food is its emphasis on sharing and community. Many dishes are served family-style, encouraging diners to try a little bit of everything.

This communal aspect of Filipino cuisine is reflected in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the restaurants themselves.

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best Filipino restaurants in Oakland, highlighting their signature dishes, unique menus, and overall dining experience.

Whether you're in the mood for classic dishes or modern twists on traditional flavors, there's a Filipino restaurant in Oakland that's sure to satisfy your cravings.

1. The Lumpia Company

The Lumpia Company
372 24th St, Oakland, CA 94612 (Google Maps)

The Lumpia Company offers a unique and flavorful take on traditional Filipino comfort foods.

Their creative and innovative styles of lumpia are a must-try. The outdoor seating is perfect for a quick lunch or a pick-up on the go.

The friendly customer service and relaxed vibe make it a great spot to hang out.

Don't miss out on the refreshing strawberry calamansi freeze and the delicious mango lumpia dessert.

2. Lucky Three Seven

Lucky Three Seven
2868 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland, CA 94602 (Google Maps)

Lucky Three Seven is a small Filipino restaurant that packs a big punch with its authentic cuisine.

Although mainly for takeout, there are a few tables outdoors for those who want to dine in.

The food is delicious, the service is good, and the prices are affordable. The lumpias are a must-try!

This family-owned business serves up some of the best Filipino food in town. Don't miss out on this hidden gem!

3. Tipunan

2353 E 12th St, Oakland, CA 94601 (Google Maps)

Tipunan is a hidden gem of a Filipino restaurant that's worth seeking out. The food is the star of the show, with rich flavors and generous portions.

The online ordering system is easy to use, and the staff are friendly and helpful.

The sinigang is a standout dish, but everything on the menu is worth trying. The prices are reasonable, making it a great value for the quality of the food.

For anyone in search of authentic Filipino cuisine, Tipunan is definitely worth a visit.

4. Senor Sisig

Senor Sisig
330 17th St, Oakland, CA 94612 (Google Maps)

Senor Sisig is a Filipino fusion restaurant that offers a unique twist on traditional dishes.

Their menu consists of burritos, rice bowls, and salad bowls with a choice of meat or vegan options. The service is quick and efficient, making it a great spot for lunch.

The California sisig burrito with pork is a must-try and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The ambiance is casual and laid-back, perfect for a quick bite. Senor Sisig offers a solid option for those looking for a Filipino-inspired meal with a twist.

5. FOB Kitchen

Fob Kitchen
5179 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609 (Google Maps)

FOB Kitchen offers elevated and delicious Filipino cuisine that is worth the price.

The menu features creative vegetarian and gluten-free options, as well as classic dishes like adobo and pork belly. The restaurant has a lively atmosphere and friendly staff.

Customers can order and pay through their phone by scanning a QR code. While the service can be a bit slow during peak hours, the quality of the food and drinks make up for it.

FOB Kitchen is a must-try for anyone looking for a unique and tasty dining experience.