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Memphis’ Caffeine Fix: 14 Must-Visit Cafes You’ll Love!

Memphis is a city that is known for its vibrant music scene and rich history. However, it is also home to some of the best cafes in the country.

Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to read a book or a place to catch up with friends over coffee, Memphis has a cafe for you.

The cafes in Memphis offer a unique blend of southern charm and modern flair. From classic diners to trendy coffee shops, you can find a variety of options to suit your taste.

Many of the cafes also feature local artwork and music, adding to the city's vibrant culture.

One of the best things about Memphis cafes is their commitment to using fresh, local ingredients. Many cafes source their coffee beans from local roasters and offer seasonal menus featuring locally-grown produce.

This not only supports the community but also ensures that customers can enjoy the best quality food and drinks.

So whether you're a local or just passing through, be sure to check out some of the best cafes in Memphis.

From the cozy ambiance to the delicious food and drinks, you won't be disappointed.

1. Butteriffic Bakery & Cafe

Butteriffic Bakery & Cafe
488 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN 38103 (Google Maps)

Butteriffic Bakery & Cafe is a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Their homemade cookies are simply divine and come in a variety of flavors, including lemon butter, snickerdoodle, and strawberry.

The warm, welcoming atmosphere adds to the overall experience, making it a great spot to grab a dessert after a meal or to indulge in a morning treat with a cup of coffee.

The prices are also reasonable, making it accessible to all. Whether you're a local or just passing through, don't miss out on the chance to try these heavenly treats.

2. The Hub

The Hub
6000 Briarcrest Ave, Memphis, TN 38120 (Google Maps)

The Hub is a hidden gem of a cafe, tucked away in an unexpected location. What sets this cafe apart is their commitment to sourcing high-quality coffee from elite roasters, resulting in a delicious cup every time.

The atmosphere is perfect for studying or working, with ample seating and plenty of outlets.

The menu selection is small but offers various flavor options to choose from. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to help.

The Hub is a great spot for coffee lovers looking for a cozy and comfortable place to enjoy a cup of coffee.

3. Java Cabana

Java Cabana
2170 Young Ave, Memphis, TN 38104 (Google Maps)

Java Cabana is a cozy and quirky coffee shop with a laid-back atmosphere. The vintage decor and eclectic mix of tables make for a unique and charming setting.

The coffee is delicious and not too sweet, unlike chain coffee shops. The menu has a good variety of options for any time of day.

The staff is friendly and the free Wi-Fi makes it a great spot to work or study. Live music and poetry events add to the overall experience.

Java Cabana is a must-visit for coffee lovers looking for a relaxed and welcoming environment.

4. INSPIRE Community Cafe

Inspire Community Cafe
510 Tillman St #110, Memphis, TN 38112 (Google Maps)

INSPIRE Community Cafe is a must-visit cafe for anyone in search of delicious and healthy food. This small cafe supports non-profits and sources its ingredients from local gardens.

The menu offers a wide selection of breakfast, lunch, and coffee items, all of which are well-prepared and reasonably priced.

The cafe has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, and the staff is friendly and attentive.

Whether you're in the mood for a smoothie, quinoa bowl, or a latte, INSPIRE Community Cafe has got you covered.

5. Memphis Chess Club

Memphis Chess Club
195 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38103 (Google Maps)

Memphis Chess Club is a unique and cozy cafe that doubles as a chess club. The atmosphere is inviting and the decor is cool and comfortable.

The menu offers a variety of coffee, craft beer, and tasty food options, including sandwiches and pizzas.

The cafe is a popular spot for students and families to play chess, work on laptops, or simply relax and enjoy a good book from their library.

With its great selection of food, drinks, and games, Memphis Chess Club is definitely worth a visit.

6. Qahwa

109 N Main St, Memphis, TN 38103 (Google Maps)

Qahwa is a local coffee shop with a great atmosphere and friendly staff. They offer a variety of coffee options and delicious sandwiches.

The food is high quality and affordable. The cafe has a unique feel, with a nostalgic building and a cool vault room.

The service is excellent, and the owner is knowledgeable and funny. Qahwa is a great spot to grab a quick bite or stay and hang out for a while.

Highly recommended for coffee lovers looking for a unique and fun cafe experience.

7. French Truck Coffee

French Truck Coffee
1350 Concourse Ave #167, Memphis, TN 38104 (Google Maps)

French Truck Coffee is a must-visit cafe for coffee lovers. With a great variety of quality coffee, including drip, pour over, cold brew, and lattes, this cafe has something for everyone.

The friendly baristas are knowledgeable and passionate about their craft, making the experience of ordering a cup of coffee a joy.

The food is equally impressive, with fancy toast options and delicious baked goods.

The location in the main atrium adds to the ambiance of the cafe, making it a great spot to study, take a meeting, or just relax. Don't miss out on trying the quinoa salad or smoked salmon toast.

8. Paradise Cafe

Paradise Cafe
6150 Poplar Ave #120, Memphis, TN 38119 (Google Maps)

Paradise Cafe is a local favorite spot for lunch. Tucked away in a strip mall, this cozy cafe serves up delicious sandwiches and soups that are well worth trying.

Their unique touch to the menu items, like sprouts and shredded carrots on sandwiches, sets them apart. The curry Walnut chicken salad and potato salad are popular choices.

The strawberry soft serve is a crowd favorite and is even used in their shakes and smoothies.

With limited menu items, Paradise Cafe focuses on making quality food and providing excellent service at reasonable prices. Don't miss out on trying their house smoothie!

9. Art House Cafe

Art House Cafe
1023 Mississippi Blvd, Memphis, TN 38126 (Google Maps)

Art House Cafe is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys great food and a cozy atmosphere. The cafe's decor is tastefully done, adding to the overall ambiance.

The staff is friendly, making the dining experience even more enjoyable. The smoked gouda mashed potatoes and smoked cabbage are highly recommended, as is the fried catfish and corn on the cob.

The broccoli and cheese cornbread is a standout dish that's not to be missed. The VIP drink (tea/lemonade) is the perfect accompaniment to the meal.

All in all, Art House Cafe is a great spot for a delicious meal in a relaxed setting.

10. Cafe Palladio

Cafe Palladio
2179 Central Ave, Memphis, TN 38104 (Google Maps)

Cafe Palladio is a charming cafe nestled inside an antique and furniture shop. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, with beautiful decor that adds to the overall ambiance.

The menu offers a variety of delicious vegetarian lunch options, as well as a limited but interesting selection of tea and desserts. The service is excellent, with a friendly and attentive wait staff.

The highlight of the visit was the coconut cake, which is simply the best in existence. The cafe also has a small patio area with a fountain, making it a great place to relax and enjoy a light lunch.

If you're looking for a unique dining experience that combines great food and beautiful surroundings, Cafe Palladio is definitely worth a visit.

11. Cafe Keough

Cafe Keough
12 S Main St, Memphis, TN 38103 (Google Maps)

Cafe Keough is a charming European-inspired cafe that offers American bites and Sunday brunch.

The cafe has a lovely decor and a lively atmosphere. The menu has a good variety of options, including sandwiches, salads, pastries, and desserts.

The coffee is great, and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The outdoor seating is a nice touch, and the high ceilings give the place an open and airy feeling.

Cafe Keough is definitely worth a visit for a quick bite or a leisurely brunch.

12. Bluff City Coffee & Bakery

Bluff City Coffee & Bakery
945 Cooper St, Memphis, TN 38111 (Google Maps)

Bluff City Coffee & Bakery is a cozy cafe that offers a great selection of baked goods and coffee.

The staff is friendly and efficient, and the atmosphere is clean and conducive for conversation. The menu has a lot of options, and most of the items are freshly made.

The scones and the nutella-filled oatmeal cookie are highly recommended. The cafe also serves great breakfast and lunch items. The prices are reasonable, and the portions are good.

The outdoor patio is a lovely spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry. If you're in the area, Bluff City Coffee & Bakery is definitely worth a visit.

13. Another Broken Egg Cafe

Another Broken Egg Cafe
65 S Highland St, Memphis, TN 38111 (Google Maps)

Another Broken Egg Cafe offers a great selection of breakfast and brunch dishes. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the staff is friendly and attentive.

The menu has a variety of options for different dietary needs, including keto-friendly meals.

Reservations are recommended due to the high demand.

Prices are a bit on the higher side, but the quality of food and service make it worth the cost.

14. Starbucks

1850 Union Ave, Memphis, TN 38104 (Google Maps)

Starbucks is a well-known coffeehouse chain that offers signature roasts, light bites, and WiFi availability.

The cafe has a great atmosphere and is perfect for relaxing while sipping on a cup of coffee. The staff is friendly and provides quick service.

The menu offers a variety of coffee and latte options that are strong and delicious.

The limited seating area can get crowded during peak hours, but the drive-thru is a great option for those in a hurry. Starbucks is a reliable choice for a quality coffee shop experience.